Rights and duties of the final supervisor

In writing the final bachelor’s or master’s thesis, the advice and notes of the supervisor are very important. Any questions related to papers, course papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses can always be addressed to the consultants at our website, who will advise you on the organization of writing, literature selection and other issues. But without constant communication with the final supervisor, writing good writing would be difficult. The way the communication takes place depends on both the student and his / her supervisor. The main rules of communication were provided in the guidelines of the planned higher education institution for the preparation of written papers. It defines the responsibilities of both the student and the supervisor for each other.

According to the methodological guidelines of the higher education institutions, the communication between the student and his / her final supervisor is carried out during the individual consultations. During regular consultations (at least every month), the work supervisor discusses the work plan and structure, and looks for the appropriate wording for the topic. The supervisor provides comments on the content, organization, sources and other subjects of the work. The first meeting should decide how to communicate, where and when consultations will take place. Provision should also be made for time limits for the submission of individual parts of the thesis to the final supervisor.

Student must:

Write a request for a final thesis topic and a manual selection.

Contact the supervisor within two weeks – one month (depending on the higher education institution) from the official appointment of the supervisor and agree on the meeting.

Provide a preliminary work plan for the future, independently compiled on the list of literature you are about to study.

To keep in touch with the supervisor of the final thesis, to inform the supervisor about the process of writing the work, to take into consideration the supervisor’s business and methodological advice and comments.

Follow the deadlines for submitting the agreed parts of the work to the supervisor. If you are unable to do so for any reason, you must inform the work manual in advance.

Regularly send the written part of the paper written to the supervisor of the final thesis by e-mail or other convenient way.

The part of the text (section) that will be consulted will be sent by the student to the supervisor of the letter in advance so that the supervisor has sufficient time to read and formulate the comments.

To provide the supervisor with all the final written work at the agreed time to allow the supervisor to review it for the last time.

Take responsibility for all material, work autonomy and authorship presented in the paper.

The supervisor must:

Participate in regular consultations with the student who is leading the final thesis.

According to the needs of the student, to advise on the preparation of the work plan, to assist in the search or selection of literature (or other sources of information), to answer questions that arise during the preparation of the work, but not to provide prepared solutions.

Read the text sent by the student within the agreed timeframe (usually a week or two-week term, but this also depends on the employment of the supervisor) and formulate comments, distinguishing the items to be corrected.

Allow enough time for the student’s final thesis consultation to allow the student to get answers to all his / her concerns.

Try to find the best solution for the student.

Ensure that the final thesis is prepared according to the methodological guidelines.

To take part in the defense of the student’s final thesis (the supervisor may not be involved for good reasons). Some higher education institutions require that the supervisor also give feedback on the student and his / her work during the defense session.

Sign all required documents for the supervisor so that the student can defend the thesis.

You may not allow a bachelor or master graduate student who did not participate in the consultation, did not work according to the planned plan, ignored deadlines or obviously did not work independently.

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